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 Edizioni Godot

corso De Gasperi 105

80053 Castellammare di Stabia (NA) - Italia
Tel. / Fax +39 081 870 70 60 - e-mail info@godotedizioni.it

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Who We Are

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Small editor's note

Editions Godot will come from the solid work of a’ research and study activities of high quality.
As testified by numerous bulletins and catalogs made of more than thirty years of life. This experience has produced in the different necklaces ranging from literature to the arts, from poetry to history.

Many of these initiatives were and remain possible, thanks to the participation of emeriti scholars, witnesses of an authority earned on the field of teaching and research. This editorial line is still pursued today overcome, with the strength of quality and of specialization and the considerable difficulties of the sector.

The technology of print-on-demand still constitutes the novelty of the Publishing House makes available again many of the volumes are out of stock, thus providing a great help to bibliophiles and/or scholars.

This is the mission of the publishing house.
The editors of the Editions Godot, are appreciated by local historians, journalists, famous professors and scholars.

“ Waiting for Godot” is, perhaps, the comedy of the absurd par excellence.
The protagonists, two beggars, waiting in vain for a Godot, never before known, and from whom they hope to obtain accommodation.
Godot, therefore, as that “something”, or that “ someone” that each of us seeks in life.
The culture and the design studio for the Publisher, they can be excellent traveling companions of this long wait.
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