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Geology is the branch of Earth sciences that studies the Earth and processes that shape and change...

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Palmieri Luigi - Vesuvius and its historyAfter studying at the seminary of Caiazzo, he devoted himself to physical and mathematical sciences at the University of Naples, graduating in physics in 1825. In 1845 he became professor of physics at the Naval School of the Kingdom in Naples, then assistant of metaphysics and later successor of prof. Galluppi at the professorship of physics at the Neapolitan university.He became director of the Vesuvian Observatory in 1854. For him, in 1860, the chair of meteorological and terrestrial physics was created. He was a member of the Academy of Sciences of Naples from 1861 and of the Lincei, starting from 1871. He closely observed all the eruptions of the volcano; he risked losing his life on the occasion of 1872.He also became famous for the invention and development of measuring devices for seismic and atmospheric phenomena. He was the inventor of the electromagnetic seismograph and, with his studies, he made a big contribution to the knowledge of seismic phenomena.He married Angela Gigli and had five childrenBook Euro 18.90PDF Euro 6.90


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